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How listen to your self and transform your ordinary daily life in extrodinary

Welcome English reader !

This blog, is the english version of my original french website, two langagues so two cultures, two content but around sames ideas because it’s the same person behind. Translate is a funny job, I’m very interested by what it will be, because grinding my brain in other languages reveal many ways of personnality I don’t even meet.

Anyway, you’ll find here, my offer about meeting your own inner life and articles I wrote, one’s month about my reading, we could say, shape of essay, of my personnal research about metaphysical.

Open a door through your inconscient

We are not two, we are four, you, your inconscient, me, my inconscient. Let’s have a meeting and see how can we grow up together.

Orient the cards of Tarot to know your potentialities. The invisible worlds represented by spirituality and psychic life are embodied in our life choices and our ability to receive happiness.

Perform Art with me

Write with Tarot

There are different uses of the tarot: mirroring your soul as a guide, divinatory, psychological, and why not creative?

It may be a theme that is close to your heart, a dream that challenges you, it is here to put yourself into action, in resonance with your inner world, your unconscious to highlight an energy that just asks to speak. With this follow-up, this story does not fall back into the limbo of “done and forgotten stuff”; the story is worked on and reworked as necessary. You will end up in a real exchange with your inner self, crossing the barriers of the unconscious to stand out with your creativity.

Turn more through emotions, psychology than stylistic. Let’s sharing about artistic essence of writing.

$ 25/session

Psychology Tarot : Tool to know yourself

Interrogate the energies around you through the Tarot. For the development of one’s interiority, towards a healing of the psychic through symbolic language. Open a door to your spiritual life.


 Blogging is also sharing my knowledge, what I understood about the essence of psychology and art, which I experienced. I think that the human being is a being of knowledge, and that ignorance, like laziness, is bad for health, because it prevents recognition of the value of what is offered. Every month I post on a subject relating to spirituality, psychology, art, initiations always referenced from books that have enlightened me on my path


Last articles

Why to consult ?

All the gold in the world is not a guarantee of happiness and does not raise the dead, nor give eternal youth. Psychic life is initially invisible. However, it quickly makes itself felt in our interactions, and therefore gradually in our materiality. If a situation is no longer suitable for us, but it seems impossibleLire la suite « Why to consult ? »

How reading works ?

How read a tarot deck ? Firstly, you need trust, because in the first place reading card seems hermetic. The reader have to be kind, words are powerful. You have to be careful. Tarot is alive creature, each reader had it’s own way to read, there is a part of common knowledge and the partLire la suite « How reading works ? »

Gps Astral

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Who I am ?

As an artist, I began a long way through spirituality years ago, here, to help, I share my experiences. read more

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